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General questions

What are the size of the stall?

All companies participating at CBS Career Fair will get a stall space of 2x3 meters (please do not exceed this).

Is catering included for the company representatives?

• Yes, catering is included for all company representatives. You can find food and drinks at the Company Lounge, placed in Rotunden above the canteen.

Can we ask for extra café tables and bar chairs on the day?

• We would strongly appreciate if you prior to the event could inform us of the amount of tables and chairs you prefer. However, it is possible to borrow café tables and bar chairs free of charge on the day at a limited amount.

Is it possible to have electricity and internet at the stall?

• Yes, each stand will have wifi and electricity set up when you arrive.

Is parking free at CBS?

• Parking is not free at CBS. Therefore you will have to come inside the campus and receive a parking license. You can either ask at the registration desks or find your stall where CBS Career staff will be able to provide you with a license.


Presence at the Fair

Can I perform sales or marketing activities at the fair?

• Under no circumstances is the participating company entitled to perform sales or marketing activities, including product branding, unless otherwise agreed in writing. General lifestyle-supporting activities, such as bank and insurance arrangements, competitions where the winner receives consumer goods or the like, are not considered career-relevant.

• For more details, please see the Standard Terms & Conditions in your order confirmation.